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victoriannh's Journal

Taxidermy, curios, and oddites

Victorian Natural History
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Natural History and Taxidermy of the Victorian era
If old tiger rugs fill you with romanticism... this is the community for you!

The Victorian era was THE era for natural history.
The Victorian's made vast collections from shells, bones, whatever they could find. These curio cabinets were like mini museums full of found treasures.
Exotic animals were being sent home from far off places like Africa and India. Natural history museums were full of rare creatures that peaked the public's interest.
It was an era when pets were just as likely to end up stuffed on the mantel as a hunters Black forest trophy.
Women wore elaborate hats with entire birds mounted on them.
Taxidermy was an art form without boundaries- and sometimes without taste.
It was an era for pack-rats, eccentrics, decadent types, and the curious...

The Victorian's fascination with death and nature lives on :)

Feel free to post about all your vintage (anything 1960s and back- or collections displayed in a vintage style) or vintage inspired natural history finds:
Bones, furs, shells, insects, taxidermy, natural history books, NH wood block prints, NH stereo viewers, "fur and feather" fashion, and photos from NH museums.

Share you Victorian inspired displays and art pieces.
Selling and trading is allowed, lets just not make this an advertising community.

If you're looking for advice on how to mount animals, tan pelts, or clean skulls... check this community out: furhideandbone
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