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Victorian Natural History
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Dad's Grail :D 
5th-Mar-2010 06:27 pm
Omg, came home to find that dad finally got his grail - and its dead-things related!

This is a human skull, originally from India. We've got no idea of the age but it is a mature skull that lacks Wisdom teeth, which were most likely extracted. Sadly, we don't know anything else about it. Dad used to own another Indian skull back in University, but after uni sold it because they were worth so much, and regretted it since then and has been looking for another one. This one popped up in Melbourne and he grabbed it :D

Okay, also some help xD The skull also has a bit of glue leaked down from a tooth, something on the teeth themselves, pencil writing and what looks to be sticky tape residue D: Any way of getting this stuff off? Normally I'd just take an eraser to the pencil and wash the residue off with water, but no idea about the glue and want to be super super careful with this skull seeing as it's dads :P

A few comparative shots with Atka Nanuq, my polar bear <3 and one artsy shot

X-posted to a few places, sorry if anyone sees this a few times <3
5th-Mar-2010 03:05 pm (UTC)
My gosh that Polar bear skull is HUGE!
That is so cool that you and your dad both love dead things!
glad he found his holy grail again ;) I hate when I sale something and then mourn over it the rest of my life! hah

6th-Mar-2010 01:10 am (UTC)
:D He is maaasive haha and super heavy xD
Yeah, was so glad he got it, its so freakin neat! Haha thats partly why I havn't sold anything yet, other than I don't want to death with customs xD I'd totally regret it if I sold something then realised how much I love it xD
6th-Mar-2010 07:00 am (UTC)
Whoa! The teeth on that polar bear. No wonder they basically eat whatever they want.
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