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Victorian Natural History
Taxidermy, curios, and oddites
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25th-May-2010 06:14 pm(no subject)
i'm opening my online natural history store in a couple weeks and trying to decide what merchandise to start with since i can't exactly carry everything that i want. i've found some amazing critters in resin and have some t-shirt ideas. what would you be interested in?
10th-Mar-2010 06:52 pm - Our pet leopard Baby.
Plucking the Rose

With Old Stoaty in the background!
5th-Mar-2010 06:27 pm - Dad's Grail :D
Omg, came home to find that dad finally got his grail - and its dead-things related!

Well, do you want to know what it is??Collapse )
X-posted to a few places, sorry if anyone sees this a few times <3
^ The above link leads you to the Tutorial on how to make these. I'm so in love with this artist's idea! 

In the spirit of being a ridiculous Victorian pack-rat- how better to display your NH pieces than with a piece of nature:

So today I discovered you can buy fairly large bell domes at Hobby lobby! I love displaying things in cases and under glass!
My mother has a giant antique one under which she's put a stack of old poetry books, a pair of antique glasses, a little mouse figurine, and other such bits and bobs....

So I was inspired by her display to incorporate books. I adore the Jungle Book so I'm using my ancient copy as the anchor for the whole display. All the other items I plan to place under the dome will be inspired by the stories from the book/movie and the characters in them.
Here are my ideas thus far:
Hathi the Elephant:
* Antique elephant figurine (I know just the one, it's at the antique store here and I've been coveting it for almost a year)
* Old 20s elephant celluloid charm
* piece of elephant skin.
Kaa the snake:
* Hatched python eggs (may have one to sell btw)
Rikki-Tikki Tavi:
* Mongoose skull
*Cobra skin
The Jungle setting in general:
*Parrot feather
Sher Kahn:
Old 20s Tiger Celluloid charm

Now I just need something to represent Baloo, Bagheera, "King Louie", Tabaqui the jackal, Akela, and Mowgli.

Any ideas? Do you have anything that would be interesting for this display?

 I have a bit of a long list of mounts I'd really like to acquire, since making my list  I have acquired some of these!
Dream mounts:
*Coatimundi full mount
* Caribou head mount
*Red fox 
*Giant anteater
* Giant tortoise 
* Hyena 
*African Civet
* Seal skull
*Elephant foot
* Camel head mount
*Camel foot mount
* Sloth bear head mount
* Proboscis monkey

So what weird taxidermy mounts do you hope or merely dream to have someday? 
specimen cabinets...Collapse ) 
Some day I will have a room full of barristers, specimen cabinets, and trophy heads... a mini museum or "silent zoo".

What type of cabinets do all of you use to display your bones/collections ?
How do you display your furs (aside from just hanging them on the wall)?


7th-Feb-2010 12:50 pm - Tags
 I figure if we start using them from day one it will make going back through old entries so much easier.

Here are some tags I recommend using, I'm sure you guys will come up with more:

Photo posts

TAmazon's descriptionCollapse )

I bought this book last month off of Ebay. It's terrific though the print is super tiny and the book isn't as large in size as I imagined it would be.
I love the style of writing- he really shares his passion with the reader. 
7th-Feb-2010 12:18 pm(no subject)
 I'm excited to see what people will post!
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